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Training Program

4/6/8 Weeks

To create a learning platform for the students where they can enhance their skills and prepare themselves for the future.

Training & Placements

AiM is an initiative by RAD to provide training & placements to students to kick off their technical careers. Our mission is to provide high demands skills training at a competitively lower price to make it affordable to everyone. We can do our best with the help of our team’s dedication, excellence, and focus on continuous improvement which serves as our strength.

Learn latest Skills

50k online Courses

Earn a Certificate

Up your Skill

Why AiM?

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Experts Instructors

The trainers comes from reputed backgrounds, are working professionals  and prepare you for the real life scenarios.

n Training

25% theory and 75% practical. Learn by actually doing stuff within a team.

Learn through Live Projects*

Get a chance to work on Live projects at the end of your course.

Comprehensive Training

Learn professional communication to build up your profile while you are getting technical training.

Professional Mentorship

Get mentorship and career path guidance as you move ahead with your college/university courses.

FREE Industrial Training**

You may get a chance to do FREE industrial training with our corporate partners


* Top 20% of each batch would be given 1 weeks hands-on to work on “Live Projects” which is being done          at our end.

** Top 10% of each batch (advanced course students) would get a chance to do FREE Industrial Training as part of their 8th           Sem and would work on LIVE projects

How it Works?

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Search Courses


You can easily find courses as per your skills and gain the knowledge and certifications you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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View Course Details


With detailed course information, you will be able to review our course selection and make an informed decision about the best course for your needs.

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Apply, Enroll or Register

To start your journey today, apply for one of our courses and get the training you need to succeed.

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