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What is Emotional Intelligence and what are some of the key skills of EQ?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to recognize our emotions and those of others and respond to them thoughtfully and effectively.

Having emotional intelligence skills is key to connecting with others and forming lasting relationships.

1. Strong Inner Confidence

Emotionally intelligent people usually are self-aware as they trust their intuition. When you understand your emotions, you will find it easier to have conviction in your actions.

2. Ability to Go With the Flow

Having the skill to adapt to different situations shows that you have a high level of emotional intelligence.

If you can adjust your plan without getting frustrated when a project doesn’t go as planned, it means you are in tune with your emotions.

To be more emotionally intelligent, remind yourself that life is fluid and that you only have control over your own decisions.

Emotionally intelligent people re-evaluate and push forward.

3. Selective reacting

People with emotional intelligence have the capability to only react when it is necessary, effective, and thoughtful.

It is easy to get caught up in your emotions and respond defensively when a friend tells you something that makes you feel angry or small. An emotionally intelligent person will have control over their energy and the power to listen, process, and then take action.

4. Recognizing Unhealthy Thoughts

This is a truly valuable emotional intelligence skill—identifying negative and unproductive thought patterns. An emotionally intelligent person recognizes when they are falling into a cycle of putting themselves down and can quickly switch gears.

5. Seeing the Bigger Picture

Emotional intelligence also means being able to see beyond the present moment and visualizing the bigger picture. People with high emotional intelligence think through life adjustments and look down the line at how decisions might affect the future.

6. Quick Processing Speed

Being able to not only quickly access your own emotions but other people’s emotions as well. This is essential because it helps you act effectively and with empathy towards others.

This will also strengthen your relationship with coworkers, friends, and family because you take time to quickly put yourself in their shoes before speaking. Quick processing speed will assist you in communicating more effectively.



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