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Is learning Python and starting a career in programming the path for you?

Everyone says that you should “learn to code”. And why not? It’s a career with tons of job openings, opportunities for advancement, and it PAYS WELL. But will you find it interesting? Can you THINK LIKE A PROGRAMMER? And where do you even START?

To be a programmer means (in broad terms) creating and maintaining computer software. While this would have seemed relatively straightforward in the days when computers were glorified calculators, what does it mean in an age where everything – from video games to nuclear power plants – depends on software?

Why Learn Python?

Let’s say you’re convinced that you want to begin a career in programming. But what should you start learning? There are many programming languages out there – C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and the list goes on. Why would you, out of all these choices, pick Python?

It’s easy to learn. Out of all the widely-used programming languages, Python has a reputation for being the easiest to work with. Its syntax reads a lot like human speech, and its STYLE

GUIDE ensures that it’s easy on the human eye – vital for beginners who fear massive walls of unruly code.

It’s powerful. The fact that Python is easy to learn doesn’t make it any less powerful: industry titans like Facebook and Google regularly use Python in nearly all their products. In fact, its simple syntax, lack of bloat, and easy extensibility allow you to avoid trivial details. This means more time to spend on high-level concepts that are actually relevant to your work, thus giving you greater results for less effort.

It’s popular. Python’s excellent combination of simplicity and power has led to its WIDESPREAD ADOPTION by everyone from students to mega corporations. Not only is there a huge demand for Python developers, but there’s also massive potential for career advancement. Learning such a powerful language means that you can always keep getting better, and its popularity means that there’s a big community to help you on your journey.

Data Science

According to a survey, an online community for data scientists, Python is the field’s most-used programming language. In addition to Python’s time-saving libraries, the language’s ability to analyse large data sets very quickly and carry out repetitive tasks make its popularity more than warranted.

Web Development

Since Python is such a flexible programming language, it can make it easier to build complex web utilities. Python’s various web frameworks are especially useful — like the popular Django, which can make building both backend and client-side functionality easier and faster. Even large companies use Python for web development; both Google and YouTube have used it extensively for many of their digital infrastructures.

App Development

Python is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into app development. It’s an ideal language for prototyping because of its lower development time and effort. As with web development, app development is made easy by Python’s cross-platform abilities. Specifically, Python has recently become popular in the fast-growing sectors of blockchain app development and gaming app development thanks to its robust frameworks and real-time testing.

Python developer common career paths

Here are some common ways in which you can make a career coding with Python.

A. When you have a Bachelor's degree in Science/Engineering

Career Path 1:Get a degree in software engineering → Complete relevant projects using Python → Apply for web or software developer positions

Career Path 2:Get a degree in computer science → Get certifications in working with Big Data and/or Data Analytics → Join as a Data science or engineer at a firm

Career Path 3:Get a degree in physics → Take online courses in Python and complete projects→ Collect professional certifications in Data Science and/or Machine Learning → Intern or get a job as a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer

B. When do not you have a Bachelor's degree in Science/Engineering

Career Path 1:Get a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration → Learn Python online and complete projects → Opt for a Master’s degree in Data Science or Marketing/Business Analytics → Intern or find a job as a Business Analyst

Career Path 2:Get a degree in any discipline → Learn Python through online or classroom courses → Complete projects using Python →Build a portfolio and apply for jobs as an independent Python developer

Note: The above career paths are just examples. There is no fixed career path to start a career in Python development, etc. It may vary according to the background, interests, and skills of the individual.

Python jobs and salary in India

Python growth is very promising in the near future. Gaining the right skills through the right platform will get you to the perfect job. There are various available online certification training that can get to the desired skills in no time. There is nothing to worry about the possibilities Python will open, you just need to pull your pants up and get things done!


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