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A Comprehensive Guide to Golang: Its Introduction and Benefits

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

GO is a relatively young language that has been gaining popularity both amongst beginners and experts in modern times. Go is also named as ‘Golang’ and it’s in trend due to the right reasons.

A Stackoverflow survey ranks it as 3rd most sought-after programming skill to be learned. This survey is enough to prove the acceptance of Golang.

What is Golang?

Go is an open-source programming language published in 2009. A team of Google with the combined effort of contributors has developed this technology. The aim is to simplify the process of software development, especially for complex architecture and processes.

Go is a compiled and general-purpose language that has been statically typed using basic syntax and powerful standard libraries. It brings improvement in concepts such as imperative and object-oriented programming. Hence, it makes the working environment simple and sorted for the developers.

Currently, in comparison to other server-side programming languages, Golang has the highest rank in terms of both traffic and popularity.

Benefits of Using GO

1. Golang is Faster

Go is a compiled language, which means that the code written is directly translated into formats easily understood by a processor. On the other hand, programs in Java are compiled into bytecode and executed by a virtual machine.

If you think of using Golang for small businesses, with the scarcity of mid-level managers, then you can experience the speed of getting tasks accomplished. Go is definitely quick in contrast to other languages like Java and Python, which escalate the availability and dependability of services.

2. Golang is Well-Scaled!

The other important reason to use Golang is that it has the ability to support concurrency. If we talk about the Go language, it comprises Goroutines, which are functions that run simultaneously and independently. This feature is highly scalable as it takes up only 2 KB of memory that makes it scalable when you are in the need to run a myriad of concurrent processes.

Moreover, Java threads are blocking by nature, in contrast, Goroutines are non-blocking. This is typically the combination of the async approach which is opted by JavaScript and the conventional multi-threading used by Java.

If we talk technically then you can run millions of GoRoutines without experiencing crashes in the system. If you have leaner and meaner software that gives you an edge over your competitors.

3. Easy to Grasp

Another point about Golang mobile or web development is that it is easy to grasp for developers. It is quite easy for software developers to use it, especially if they have a strong foundation in C or Java. There may be distinctions in keywords and syntax but Go follows the same procedural approach that programmers can easily adapt to.

4. Across the Board Programming Tools

As an open-source initiative, you will not experience any obstacles in getting the development tools for your team. Many editors, IDEs, and plugins can be downloaded from the GitHub repository for Go. Many cloud-based IDEs which support can also be availed of.

5. A Pool of Talent at Your Disposal

According to the facts, Go is a major language that is in great demand worldwide. Not only that, due to higher awareness related to Golang, programmers are sharping their skills of the language. That means there is a pool of talent at your disposal.

Opting Golang as a part of your software strategy, you can avail of the pool of talent that is likely to boom with the passage of time. Many chances are that you may hire a programmer who is an expert in Go. You can find developers of Golang online which is an added advantage.

Which Projects are Suitable for Golang?

Undoubtedly, Golang is a promising language yet it is not much suitable to make every type of application. Google has created Golang to cope up with the issues of software scalability when resources go finite by hardware. In simpler words, Golang comes handy when you want to use it for resolving bottleneck issues during the processing time.

More often, late-stage startups with increasing users may find Golang problematic where the backend is struggling to deal with the volume of activities. As Golang is perfect to support concurrency functions and small memory footprint so it suits backend developments where servers cope up with overwhelming requests.

Dropbox is a cloud storage sharing device that uses Golang to deal with over 500 million users on its network efficiently. Moreover, this language is optimal for creating e-commerce sites, which cater to millions of traffic per month. Golang supports Resource-intense services such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform.

If your business is yet to validate its concept then it’s not really a good notion to pick up Go. It’s not feasible when you want to craft a demo for investors. Overall, a lot of applications can be made up with the help of Golang.

All in all, Golang is definitely a reliable option for companies looking for efficient and faster app development.

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